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About us

About us 

Our Vision :

Certified Professional Education Combines the Arabic and English Language within the Framework of Islam Values .

Our Mission:

Educating and Raise Children in Accordance with the best International Standards and Qualifying Advanced stage According to an Integrated Schedule while Maintaining the Values and Principles of Society .

  • Accpet childern from age  3 months and up to 5 years
  • Curriculum “Islamic Education – Arabic Language – English Language – Mathematics – Science – Computer       – Develop Life Skills”
  • Using different advanced educational tools by Montessori system 
  • Management are certified and experience in education 
  • All teachers and supervisors are qualified and traind 
  • Classroom equipped with modern facilites 
  • Garden and playing area equipped with safe toys / games 
  • Praying area
  • Children Follow-up academically and educationally 
  • Technical skills development and educational activities 
  • Heath care 
  • Daily contact to parents 
  • Fully secured and monitored by cameras and fire alarm and extinguishers
  • Licened Ministry of Social Solidarity